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cloudpad is a beautifully designed to-do list, calendar & planner, to help manage your workspace – for free.

join the 1000’s in our growing community getting stuff done with our beautiful, curated themes & customisable planner.


proudly made for the good people of the internet with  in adelaide, australia

Say hi to the simplest & most intuitive planner you’ll ever use. Welcome friends, to cloudpad.  

This is the web app that seamlessly blends tech and design to make your life easier, and just a little brighter. cloudpad® is a day planner, customized just for you.

To-do list, day planner, task manager, personal organizer and collaborative work tool – all in one.

cloudpad® – your day. looking good.™

huzzah!    check out all the cool features for your very own cloudpad

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    easily manage your daily tasks with a beautifully designed task manager for home or business.

  • Office-52


    use as a standalone calendar or link with your to-do’s to keep your day as simple as possible.

  • Design_design-palet


    every day is different, so why should each day look the same? After all, it’s your cloudpad, not ours.

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    have a list that you need someone else to see and edit? Easy! Just grab their username and you can share lists with friends and family. 

  • Devices & Network_I-phone


    just as you should expect, you can access your cloudpad anywhere. *Android currently in beta due Sept 2016.

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    with black and white features, entering and retrieving dates, times and tasks has never been easier.

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    we use EV SSL certificates and proudly use stripe for our payments & encrypt our database to industry standards. 

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    cloudpad is forever free – if you want it to be! want some cool extras? Priced at only a coffee a month.

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    beautiful layout, award-winning fonts & themes you’ll want to share!

we are proudly based in adelaide, australia. just a young group of friends trying to make your day a little brighter!    sam, elli, steph & simon.